Liturgical Ensembles

Catholics strongly believe in using things we can see, hear, and touch as means for communion with God. In our liturgical celebrations we use things like bread, wine, oil, water, ashes, and incense.  We believe they can be used to make God present to us; in a word, they become sacramental. Just as we use what we can see and touch, we can also use what we hear and sing. 

When applied to prayer, our voices, that is, our music, can be one of the most powerful tools provided us—the truth of this inspired St. Augustine to coin the phrase, “when you sing, you pray twice." 

If music can express the seemingly inexpressible, and fathom depths normally unfathomable, what could be a better medium for communion with God? This is why, in the Church’s wisdom, music has always been given such a prominent role in the Mass.

Below you can explore the various music ministries at Holy Name.  If you believe you are being called to one of these groups, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we are always looking for new members. 

Brandon Gauvin, Minister of Music and Worship
musical notes 

by John Rutter

Adult Choir 
The parish Adult Choir has a long-standing tradition of providing quality music to inspire the congregation’s prayer. The group explores a variety of repertoire and sings with professional instrumental ensembles at Christmas and Holy Week celebrations. Active from September through June, the choir rehearses on Wednesdays from 7:30-9:00 pm, and participates weekly at the 10:00 am mass on Sundays as well as other Sacramental celebrations throughout the year. If you are of high school age or older and are interested in sharing your musical gifts with this ensemble or would like more information, please contact Brandon Gauvin at 248.646.2244 or



Children’s Choir
The Holy Name Children's Choir, open to all in grades 2-6, was re-established in 2011 under the direction of Patricia Seibold.  The choir strives to transform aspiring singers into our youngest Ministers of Music.  We participate in liturgies about once a month from September to Palm Sunday, the highlight of the year occurring at Mass on Christmas Eve.  The choir rehearses weekly on Tuesdays after school.  Interested parents should contact Mrs. Seibold at (248) 540-4265 or


Bell Choir

The newest addition to the Holy Name Ensembles is the Bell Choir.  The Bell Choir meets once a week on Sunday mornings from 11:00 a.m. to Noon (in between Masses) and is open to anyone that has a passion for music.  Whether you are new to music, want to get back into music, or interested in a new instrument, all are welcome.  The Bell Choir practices and performs from September to May, and typically performs at Christmas and Easter masses along with the liturgical ensemble concerts.  If you are interested in playing with the Bell Choir, or would like more information, please email Anthony and Rebecca Marciniak at

4:00 p.m. Mass
Music at the 4:00 Mass on Saturdays is under the direction of Mr. Chris Charboneau. Chris has been playing at Holy Name for over 15 years, serving as a pianist and vocalist. An active member of the parish, Chris was the first Grand Knight of the Holy Name Knights of Columbus, now in it's 9th year of existence. He is also the Music Director at the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy where he teaches band and music history. Chris is joined by his singing partner, Patty Ward, at the 4:00 mass, as well as other volunteer musicians from the parish on many occasions. If you would like to be involved in the music ministry at the 4:00 mass, please  email Chris at

Instruments provide another dimension to the musical experience and add to the solemnity of liturgical celebrations. Although a minimum of high school proficiency is required to participate in this ministry, a regular weekly commitment is not. If you are interested in sharing your musical gifts with the parish in this way, or would like more information, please contact Brandon Gauvin at 248.646.2244 or


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